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26 March 2023

Updated: 25 April 2023

VeChain: The Future of Payment and Supply Chain Management


what is vechain

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VeChain is a blockchain-based platform that improves supply chain management and business processes.

Blockchain technology has emerged as a transformative force in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. These innovative solutions have revolutionized sectors like payment processes and supply chain management, improving efficiency and sustainability.

The security and transparency provided by blockchain-based solutions ensure a safe and sustainable future for both businesses and consumers. One such solution used for data storage geared at verifying information is VeChain, which leverages blockchain to drive security and ensure authenticity.

What is VeChain (VET)?

VeChain (VET) is a blockchain platform created to provide a secure and efficient way to track products and assets throughout their entire lifecycle. The VeChain solution uses a combination of distributed ledger technology and smart contracts to provide an immutable record of ownership, authenticity, and traceability. VeChain's primary goal is to provide a platform to help businesses and organizations increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a better user experience.

History of VeChain

VeChain was established in 2015 by Sunny Lu, a former CIO of Louis Vuitton China. It originated as a subsidiary of Bitse, a leading blockchain company in China, and has since garnered a substantial customer base among established companies.

Upon launch, the platform's VEN token ran on the Ethereum blockchain. However, in 2018, VeChain underwent a rebranding effort, including transitioning to its own blockchain and rebranding from the VEN token to the VeChainThor (VET) blockchain with its native VET coin. VeChain has experienced significant growth since its launch and has become one of the leading blockchain platforms in the world. The solution has developed innovative products and partnerships to provide more efficient features for its users.

VeChain stats as of March 30, 2023
VeChain stats as of March 30, 2023

How Does VeChain Work?

VeChain operates as a decentralized platform that allows businesses and organizations to securely store and manage data on its blockchain. The platform uses smart contracts, digital identities, and secure data storage solutions to provide these businesses with a reliable, secure, and efficient platform for their operations. The main features of the VeChain platform include the following:

Two Coin Design

VeChain operates on a dual-coin design, with VeChain Token (VET) and VeChain Thor Energy (VTHO). VET is the platform's primary coin used to track products and assets on the blockchain. VTHO is the secondary coin used to pay for transactions on the blockchain. The dual-coin design allows VeChain to provide its users with a flexible and scalable platform for its users. Using VTHO as a transactional coin helps reduce the cost of transactions and ensures the network's security by separating the role of tracking assets and paying for transactions.

Proof of Authority

VeChain uses a consensus mechanism called Proof of Authority (PoA). PoA is an algorithm that relies on a network of pre-selected validators to validate transactions. This allows for a more efficient and secure platform, as the validators are incentivized to act in the network's best interests. Additionally, using PoA provides VeChain with an environmentally-friendly platform that requires less computing power and energy than many alternatives.


VeChain emphasizes security, the implementation of encryption and smart contract measures, and using cross-chain bridges to protect the platform and its users. The solution provides a secure and immutable record of ownership, authenticity, and traceability, further enhancing its appeal for businesses and organizations looking to use blockchain-based solutions for their operations.

What Is Special About VeChain?

VeChain offers several unique features that make it a standout blockchain platform. These features include the following:

Real-World Applications

VeChain strongly focuses on real-world applications, allowing businesses and organizations to securely store and manage data in various industries, including supply chain management, product traceability, and carbon credit management. Companies can track and verify products, reduce waste and inefficiency, and improve transparency in their supply chains.

Emphasis on Security and Transparency

VeChain strongly emphasizes security and transparency. The platform uses smart contracts, digital identities, secure data storage solutions, and a convenient mobile crypto wallet to provide businesses with a safe and efficient platform for operations.

Commitment to Sustainability

VeChain is committed to sustainability, offering businesses and organizations an environmentally-friendly platform for their operations. Since the platform's PoA consensus mechanism requires less computing power and energy, VeChain's network's carbon footprint is reduced.

VeChain low carbon footprint
VeChain maintains a low carbon footprint.

VeChain Use Cases

VeChain provides many opportunities for businesses and organizations looking to improve their operations with a secure, efficient, and sustainable platform. Here are a few of VeChain's key use cases:

Secure Supply Chain Management

VeChain offers a secure and transparent platform for organizations to manage their supply chains. Businesses can track and verify products, minimize waste and inefficiencies, and improve transparency. This can help improve the efficiency of their supply chains and guarantee the authenticity and quality of their products.

Traceable Products

VeChain's decentralization supports secure storage and management of data related to products. Information such as the production process and materials used is easily accessed and verified by consumers.

Managing Carbon Credits

Users enjoy a secure and transparent solution for carbon credit management. Businesses can track and verify carbon credits which help to reduce waste and carbon footprint.

Is VeChain a Good Cryptocurrency?

It is vital to conduct thorough research and assess VeChain's growth potential before committing any funds. While the cryptocurrency market can be volatile, VeChain has demonstrated steady growth over the past several years and holds potential for further growth. Furthermore, VeChain has the potential to revolutionize several industries and offer a valuable solution to businesses looking to improve their operations. However, the do your own research (DYOR) rule is always still advisable.

The Future of VeChain

VeChain has established a reputation for delivering effective enterprise blockchain solutions, resulting in the widespread adoption of blockchain technology globally, especially within traditional and web2 companies. Many mainstream corporations now use VeChain's network for data storage and other blockchain-related services.

In addition to its success in the enterprise sector, VeChain has also initiated several exciting initiatives aimed at helping governments and companies achieve carbon neutrality. These projects demonstrate VeChain's commitment to positively impacting the world and positioning itself at the forefront of innovation in the blockchain and supply chain management fields.

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