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It's a new era!
We have officially changed our name from "AtomicDEX" to "Komodo Wallet"

Official Press Release

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Deskop Wallet

Built by Komodo, Komodo Wallet is the most robust desktop wallet on the market. HODL crypto and trade across dozens of blockchain protocols.

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The Ultimate Desktop Wallet

The best cross-chain bridge in crypto


HODL your coins

Komodo Wallet is a secure place to store your crypto. The app is non-custodial. Your keys. Your coins.

Swap on the DEX

Our decentralized exchange is powered by atomic swap technology. Swap cross-chain, P2P. No third parties or AMMs involved.

500+ Listed Cryptocurrencies

With more being added in each new release

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Begin your journey

Download Komodo Desktop Wallet — financial
freedom at your fingertips

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Unlimited markets

Traders have completed over 300,000 atomic swaps. Komodo Wallet features 10,000+ trading pairs and counting. Trade P2P, no base currencies needed.

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User support

Have a question about the Komodo desktop wallet or exchange? Join our Discord Support channel. Official team members have KMD logo badges in their usernames.



We believe in self-sovereignty and financial freedom. Only you have access to your wallet's seed phrase and private keys.

The most supported protocols

Traders have completed over 300,000 atomic swaps. Komodo Wallet supports the most blockchain protocols of any decentralized exchange on the market — and we're constantly adding more!

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Established team

Komodo developers are pioneers of DEX technology. Since 2014, we have been focused on optimizing blockchain interoperability.

frequent updates

Frequent updates

Our developers are always working to offer the best user experience. We're committed to making our mobile app more convenient, secure, and feature-rich.


Yes, Komodo Wallet is also available on a web browser app and available to download on mobile (iOS and Android).

Komodo's Discord Support channel is the best place to ask. Official team members have KMD logo badges in their usernames.

Yes, atomic swaps require that you are constantly connected to the internet. You'll need to have your Komodo desktop wallet open when trading. It's fine to keep your app running in the background and have other apps running at the same time.

The Komodo desktop wallet is available to download and use worldwide. Users can HODL supported cryptocurrencies in the non-custodial wallet and trade on the built-in decentralized exchange.

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