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It's a new era!
We have officially changed our name from "AtomicDEX" to "Komodo Wallet"

Official Press Release

30 November 2022

Updated: 03 January 2023

AtomicDEX Web Public Alpha Is Live!


AtomicDEX Web Public Alpha

AtomicDEX Web Public Alpha is live - 

AtomicDEX Web is available on Chrome, Brave, Safari, and other common web browsers, expanding the accessibility of using crypto from any device.

Komodo, a leader in blockchain interoperability and atomic swap technology, has launched AtomicDEX Web, a non-custodial crypto wallet, cross-chain bridge, and cross-chain DEX which can be accessed through any web browser, connecting over 60 blockchains including Ethereum, Harmony, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Cosmos and more.

Komodo's CTO Kadan Stadelmann says,

Most internet users spend all day opening and closing new tabs, so the wallet and crypto experience should be integrated with the way we already use the internet, rather than asking users to download browser extensions or additional software to access their funds. Crypto should be as easy as opening a new tab from any device, on any operating system, while still being your own custodian of your funds.

AtomicDEX Web offers a simple and easy way to navigate on any browser, including Chrome, Safari, Brave, and Firefox.

AtomicDEX Web - Wallet Tab
AtomicDEX Web Public Alpha - Wallet Tab

Security and usability are the two biggest problems to solve in crypto, as evidenced by a recent Chainalysis report showing how crypto investors are concerned with the growing number of DeFi hacks.

AMM-based DEXs and other DeFi applications normally work within liquidity pools, which creates a single point of vulnerability for hacks to occur.

Peer-to-Peer-based DEXs enable users to gain access to more chains without compromising security by using atomic swaps and order books, which removes reliance upon complicated smart contracts or centralized liquidity pools.

AtomicDEX Web is the market leading cross-protocol P2P DEX that works natively in a web browser, offering secure trading for cryptocurrencies across several popular blockchain protocols for UTXO chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin as well as EVM chains like Ethereum, BNB Chain, and many more.

It also introduces a Trezor hardware wallet integration for UTXO-based assets.

Currently, users can view their balance and send/ receive crypto with Trezor using the AtomicDEX Web user interface.  

In the future, AtomicDEX Web will make it possible to trade and bridge crypto from a Trezor hardware wallet.

The goal is to one day integrate AtomicDEX with every electronic device, like a car or smart fridge, so any future technology could potentially be a device for non-custodial wallet storage and trading.