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It's a new era!
We have officially changed our name from "AtomicDEX" to "Komodo Wallet"

Official Press Release

23 December 2022

Updated: 22 January 2023

AtomicDEX Mobile v0.6.0 Is Live


AtomicDEX Mobile v0.6.0 Is Live

Table of contents

AtomicDEX charges zero fees for market makers and only 0.13% for market takers, while gas fees are minuscule for trading cross-chain for the vast majority of supported blockchains.

Now crypto users around the globe can easily discover our mobile app on Google Play.

For iOS users, we are currently working on App Store approval. In the meantime, you can access AtomicDEX Mobile via TestFlight.

AtomicDEX Mobile v0.6.0 Release Notes


  • Synced assets with AtomicDEX Desktop (Added dozens of new protocols and hundreds of assets)
  • Added Korean and Ukrainian translations
  • Updated existing translations


  • Improved encryption/decryption of exporting data (contacts list/swap statuses)
  • Updated and security reviewed dependencies
  • Improved PIN protection logic


  • Fixed logs rotation to prevent cases of significant storage amount consumption
  • ~50 small bugs fixes and enhancements