Multi-currency Wallet

Still juggling with half a dozen different wallets to keep your coins safe? AtomicDEX is a secure, non-custodial wallet to store hundreds of different types of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Komodo, Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, you name it. The test version comes with a dozen coins enabled, and we are adding new assets with every beta release.

Atomic Swap DEX

AtomicDEX comes with built-in decentralized trading features. Built on the industry’s most advanced peer-to-peer mobile-first atomic swap protocol, it lets you trade any coin to any other without sending your assets to an exchange first. Never give up control over your coins!

Digital Asset Trading Is Still Centralized

The trustless and decentralized nature of blockchain technology is its main strength. And yet, the blockchain industry remains largely dependent on third-parties to provide centralized asset exchange services. This centralization poses several challenges.

It’s Not Secure

In 2018 alone, hackers stole an estimated $1 Billion from centralized exchanges. Using a CEX, you must temporarily give up control of your funds in order to make trades.

It’s Inconvenient

Most coins and tokens only have one or two trading pairs on most centralized exchanges. Long deposit and withdrawal times make trading a hassle.

It’s Costly

Trading fees are 0.33% of a trade’s value on average for both parties of the trade. You must also pay a fee to make a withdrawal and regain control of your funds.

A New Level of Security & Decentralization

Discover peer-to-peer trading without intermediaries.


You never give up control over your private keys and your funds.


Unrestricted trading pairs. Any assets can be swapped directly.


Start trading immediately. Avoid deposit and withdrawal wait times.

Low Fees

Market makers don’t pay any fees and takers pay only 0.15%

Build with the industry's only mobile-native asset-agnostic atomic swap technology, and offer atomic swaps in your own app

AtomicDEX is powered by AtomicAPI, an open framework with a shared liquidity pool to build the decentralized exchanges of the future. AtomicAPI is available in beta to wallet providers, exchanges, blockchain projects with a token, and developers interested in building white-label DEX products.

Shared Liquidity Pool

All products using the AtomicAPI framework share a unified liquidity pool.


Atomic swaps are lightweight and can be performed on a mobile device.

Liquidity Multiplier

Liquidity providers can place multiple orders with the same funds.

Multi-Swap Support

Multiple swaps can be done simultaneously on a single device.

Become a Beta Tester

Sign up for the public beta and be one of the first to test AtomicDEX on Android and iOS.

Digital Asset Trading Has Never Looked Better

Elegant design with a sleek user interface.

Enabled Assets

Under the hood, AtomicDEX is compatible with 99 percent of assets including Bitcoin, all UTXO-based coins, Ether and ERC-20 tokens, and any coin that supports time- and hash-locked payments. The test version comes with a dozen coins enabled, and we are adding new assets with every release.


















Partner With Us

Join our network of blockchain projects and exchange services who have embraced the future of atomic swap-based trading. List your asset, become a liquidity provider and bring new volume to your platform, or integrate atomic swaps and let your users trade right from your app. We unite our efforts in building a community with a large scale network effect, a shared liquidity pool, and a growing user base.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! AtomicDEX is non-custodial. We never store any sensitive data, including your private keys, seed phrases, or PIN. You are in full control of your assets.
Yes! Unlike most open source blockchain projects, AtomicDEX offers 24/7 support. Join our Discord, we are happy to help!
No! AtomicDEX is fully decentralized. It is not possible to limit user access by any third party.
AtomicDEX is developed by the Komodo team. Komodo is one of the most established blockchain projects working on innovative solutions like atomic swaps, Delayed Proof-of-Work, and an interoperable multi-chain architecture.
The final version of AtomicDEX will be released after comprehensive beta testing and a rigorous third-party security audit.